Public Meeting Information & Registration

So you've checked out why we recommend it, and you'd like to come to a public meeting?

When can I come?

Our meetings take place once or twice a month, from 18:30 to about 21:00 (people can stay longer if they wish to).

Coming up public meetings (our next meeting is also advertised at the top of our website):

  • November 17th 2016
  • December 8th 2016
  • January 12th 2017
  • February 23rd 2017
  • March 16th 2017
  • April 20th 2017
  • May 18th 2017
  • June 15th 2017
  • September 1st 2017


Signing up for a meeting is not necessary, so if you feel a sudden urge to come, by all means feel free! On the other hand, if you're already planning on coming it's nice to know and helps us work out the logistics. :)

Name *
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What can I expect?

Here's what an evening at a public meeting looks like.

19:00 (or earlier)
People start arriving.

19:15 (more or less)
We sit down around some snacks and beverages (that no one dares to help themselves to, please do, please do!) and do a round of presentation where everyone can say a few words about themselves and why they're here; we try to keep this short but find it important to let people share what they feel they need to.

20:00 (very approximately)
At this point begins a round of free questions and answers. (That's right, no formal presentation! This is why we recommend you come to a meeting only once you've found out as much as you can about Sudbury schools)
This part of the evening is handled the same way we handle our meetings at the school, so you'll get an idea of how we facilitate these.

21:00 (almost exactly ...but depending on how everyone feels)
The formal meeting comes to an end and people finally feel it's ok to help themselves to snacks. (It already was!)
You can get up, strike up conversations with anyone... In a word, the rest of the evening is informal.

It generally goes on for about another hour or so.

What about children?

By all means, bring them along! They are after all those primarily concerned by the whole discussion, and often have plenty to say. When they they choose to, they are free to explore the space, get to meet each other and play around.