Leonard Turton has worked in education for 45 years. In 1971, Leonard founded Odyssey House, a successful democratic day school based on the Summerhill model. In state schools, he has taught in mainstream and special needs classrooms; at the Niagara Centre for Youth Care counseling unit, he worked with students excluded from school. In 1982, Leonard started, and was the manager of the Children’s Learning Centre, a homeschooling venture. In the 1990’s, he developed Club House Democracy, successfully integrating Summerhill democratic methods into traditional inner-city school classrooms. Leonard came to A.S. Neill’s Summerhill School in 2002 where he was the Class 2 teacher, drama teacher, a Curriculum Advisor and the school’s Education Manager. He retired from Summerhill in 2014. A founding member of the European Democratic Education Community (EUDEC), Leonard served two terms on its Executive Council. He has offered workshops, seminars and talks about Summerhill and democratic education in Canada, England and in many other European countries. He has contacts with experienced democratic educators across Europe. Leonard now lives in Spain where he writes, blogs, and has co-founded Summerhill Democratics.

A lawyer, mediator and counsellor specialising in facilitating the organisational development of NGOs Nicola Kriesel has been engaged in democratic education since 2002.  Since 2009, Nicola has work as a board member of the German umbrella organisation of Free Alternative Schools (BFAS e.V.) . She has been engaged in the foundation of several free democratic schools in Germany and is the author of the german book "Retrieving Treasures - Daily life in Free Alternative Schools“  where she explored thirteen Free Democratic Schools located in Germany, The Netherlands, Great Britain and Israel. She is mom of two, who have attended Free Democratic Schools in Berlin. 

Before founding L'École Dynamique in September 2015, Ramin worked for a time as a business management consultant with BCG and as a mathematics and physics teacher. Ramin is a former Council member and active supporter of EUDEC (The European Democratic Education Community) and co-founded its regional branch - EUDEC France. He also co-founded the Réseau pour l'Ecole Libérée.

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Fabienne is a neuroscientist and researcher with Le Centre National de la Recherch ScientifiqueÉcole Normale Supérieure and École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales. She also teaches at the Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity. A former associate with Editions l'Instant Présent, a publishing house specialising in non-authoritarian parenting and alternative pedagogies, she is well-versed in non-violent problem solving and thanks to two of her children who attended Play Mountain (California) and La Maison Des Enfants (Paris).