Before starting the registration process, we encourage you to learn as much as possible about our unique educational philosophy and the Sudbury model. This site offers many resources to accompany you in this research. You can also visit us, by appointment, for a first meeting with members of the school.


We are currently holding public meetings for those interested in Sudbury School Paris, check out our events page for more details.

Our location:

Sudbury School Paris, 2-4 rue du Dessous des Berges, Paris 13th

Metro - Olympiades, ligne 14  &  Porte d’Ivry, ligne 7.  Tram T3a - Maryse Bastié

Bus: lines 27 or 132, stop: Regnault or


Throughout the year, the school accepts admissions for students from 5 to 19 years old. The only requirement is that they commit to learn independently and endeavor to make the most of their experience in the school.

We believe that the vast majority of children can flourish in Sudbury School Paris if they have made the decision to come here. School performance is in no way a criteria which we consider.

In some rare cases it may be that we feel unable to admit a student:

  • if over the trial period a student's behavior has not proven they could fit the school's atmosphere of safety and respect.

  • if the trial period has shown the student is unable to take on the shared responsibilities of a Sudbury school environment at this time.

Sudbury School Paris is a primarily anglophone environment. Prospective members are required to already possess a sufficient level of English to engage in the life of the community.
It is particularly important that members have a reasonably good level of English and a real desire to be in an English environment as all meetings in school are held in English. All our documentation is also all in English.
Not having good enough mastery of the language might result in the member feeling cut off from essential bodies such as the School Meeting and Committees, or being dependent on others to translate for them. They might also have more difficulties mingling with the monolingual anglophones, so unfortunately we are not in a position to offer places to students without conversational English.


During the admission process, we strive to help families understand the fundamental principles of the school and how it operates in order for them to be able to determine whether our school meets their expectations.  

1. The first step is taking a closer look at the philosophy of our school
If you are reading this, you probably have already started looking into the Sudbury model and its philosophy of education. Our website offers many resources for further research, and we especially recommend watching the film Being and Becoming and reading the book Free to Learn, both do a great job illustrating what autonomous learning is and raises many profound questions about traditional schooling. However, we are also aware that it might be delicate to picture how the principles underlying our approach might be applied on a day to day basis. It is our belief that the more informed the student and their parents are, the better they are able to appreciate what choosing a Sudbury school means. All parties involved should be fully aware of what to expect.

2. Admission Tour
If you want to know more about our program you can make make an appointment to visit us. At this stage, you will meet with members of the school who will help you understand its unique approach and the environment that is provided. It is natural for families to have questions and we are happy to oblige! Our educational approach is very specific, and we strongly encourage all family members to come together on this visit or even possibly to organise several visits.

3. A two-week trial period
The next step is to organise a two-week trial period. For the new member, it is an opportunity to obtain all the information about the school and live the necessary experiences allowing them to make an informed choice regarding their integration into the Sudbury School community. For us, it is a time to see if the member will be able to become part of the life of the school.

At the end of this trial period, we ask the family to return for an interview in order to share their experiences. If the two week trial period is considered a success by both the new student and the school the registration process can be finalised. Otherwise, our work ends there.

We accept all entries throughout the year. If you are considering enrollment in September, we recommend that your trial period take place this s school year.

Trial period fee: €325 for the first child, €250 for the second child, €70 for the third child.

4. Registration
Following a successful trial period, the student then signs a form committing to the school for one year and the first of three tuition payments is made. This will mark the close of the registration process who will then be considered a full member of the school and the adventure continues.


First Child - € 6,500   Second Child - €5,000   Third Child - €3,500

As the school year is currently in progress, fees will be calculated according to the remaining weeks in the year.

The registration fee is exceptionally low for an English speaking school in Paris in order to allow easy access to our school. Tuition fees are primarily used to pay for the rent and a minimum remuneration of staff.  It is worth noting that English speaking or bilingual Parisian schools typically cost between € 6,000 and € 20,000 per year and are not tax deductible. Public schools cost the taxpayer  €8,320 per student per year excluding rent. 

We trust families who are able to do so to make an additional contribution for a more prosperous school. These contributions are tax deductible up to 66%, justified by the tax receipt we send you.

Do not hesitate to  contact us  with any questions - we will be happy to provide any information you require to help you through the registration process.